little scratch from a dreamcathcer

when you think forward
about what can you do in the future
what can you contribute for your country sake
or even the whole world’s life
just think
and keep thinking
then put a stepping stone
and take a step to do it

when you think that you are small
and just an ordinary existence in a big world
just wake up
remember you are unique
nobody has exactly same thing with you
and you are one of thousands possibility that were born from your mother’s womb
you are someone special
you were born to make a history in the world
you are one unique part of the world

and when you think that your life is just to create a happy life
then quit
you’d thrown away a gift from Allah
even the Quran said : we are khalifah of the world
leader of the world
agent of change

have a dream
and make a move
be the best of you
and change the world

then when you are taken back to Allah
while you do your part of the world
while you struggle for the country
you are sahid
and Allah had promised you heaven
the best place for every living thing
your spirit’ll never die
and your fight is not a waste

at least
you are not a coward
that just want to life peacefully
and never think about other’s sake

may Allah gives you the best place there
and I hope sometime I can meet you

-a pray to sister Winda, who was killed when trying to give education for children in deep Aceh
and for brothers and sisters who defend their country in Gaza-


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