how to be grateful

I don’t know whether I could finish this or not in English, but I’ll try..

inspired by a question from the-one-that-I-miss-so-much, “how to be always grateful? how can you manage all the problems that come to you?”

okay, this is what I’m thinking.. maybe someone don’t like it, or disagree with it.. just telling my mind.. no offense ^^

for me, to be able to breath, walk, and do all the activities in a day is a very good reason to be grateful.. why not? you’re still getting a chance to make good things, to be someone useful, to change the world.. at least your own world ^^.. Allah Gives us a chance to be more “taqwa”.. and as said in Qur’an Surah Ar-Rahmaan verse 13 :
فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ
“So which of the Blessing of your Lord will you both (jinn and humans) deny?”
*note, I am a Muslim so I will relate few things to my religion’s point of view*
this is the very first and strong reason to be grateful ^^

but I know, sometimes we feel so disappointed.. or angry.. or really can not accept something.. even we know that we have to be always be grateful, but maybe that time.. we feel everything is useless.. nothing that could we feel grateful
if it’s the case, if I want to be complicated, here are the steps that I do :
firstly, I have to know the problem, why am I not grateful
sometimes, I don’t feel grateful because I am not ready for a new thing.. e.g. losing someone I know, my gadget’s broken, or the new environment doesn’t fit me
or, I am too bored for an old thing.. e.g. bored to do experiment for my thesis, too exhausted to do some usual activity, or else
if I could identify which one is the cause of the problem, then I can choose the right thing to do
Cool Down
after knowing the reason, the second step is cooling down
don’t ever think when you are hot..
*on your head I mean, if the weather is hot.. what can you do?.. ah sorry for this line.. just forget it*
how to cool down? there are some ways..
I usually pray.. that’s the best thing.. pray, ask to Allah.. then sometimes, if needed, I cry.. cry to Allah and fear of Allah..
or maybe, see some funny movies.. I like Running Man.. that’s really funny.. or as Indonesian, I like to watch Stand Up Comedy.. especially by Raditya Dika.. I also like his television comedy : Malam Minggu Miko
if still not work, sometimes I call someone.. someone who know me so much.. can be my father, my uncle, my friend, or.. usually.. my “little sister” ^^ it helps.. when I tell them my problem.. why I could not be grateful.. what makes me disappointed.. what makes me angry.. just tell them.. not asking for the solution.. sharing could be good way to cool down.. but one thing about sharing, maybe some people tend to share their problem to SNS like Facebook or twitter.. I don’t recommend that.. because it’s social media.. everyone could be there.. so maybe they won’t like to know your problem.. so mind your problem for yourself.. not a public matter ^^
Solve It!
the solution of the problem that makes us feeling ungrateful varies
it depends on the problem.. like at the section of identify
but for me, my general solution for all problems are give it back to Allah
if Allah Makes you feel that problem, so Allah Knows that you could bear that..
Allah Will Not Makes Allah’s ummah handle something that they can’t bear
the more problems you got, means more stronger you are
so the main point is
we are strong enough to bear any problems confront us.. we just fall to deep into our happy sleep.. our comfort zone.. so we feel like have no strength to accept something new.. or bear old hard things.. we just forget to remind that we were born to be happy.. to be useful for the world.. to give our best to Allah

just smile
and everything will be okay
and don’t forget
that you still can read it
means you still can breath
so be grateful for it

I hope it will be useful ^^


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