time isn’t flying.. it’s warping.. so never waste it

just realized when I watched old movie about high school life.. when it was released for the first time, I was in my junior high school.. and that time, I thought “wow.. senior high school.. with its love story..” and when I saw it again just couple hours ago.. I thought “er.. senior high school? when I was still too young to think right..”
time is not flying.. it’s warping.. too fast that I didn’t even notice.. that I am now have a responsible to be a leader.. a leader for myself, my family, my people whom I love, my nation, and my world..
not just thinking for myself.. my mood.. or my need
I was born as a human.. a khalifah of the world.. so this amanah.. I’ll try to fullfill.. even the time’s warping so fast.. I’ll fill it.. with my courage.. for the world’s sake..
yozzooohh! struggling for the research!!


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