manga.. why they are so famous?

this is my first time to have a mind share in English.. I hope it won’t hurt anybody ^^
maybe it’s also not a long post.. I just wanna say simple thing

maybe those who always read English version (sorry >.<) don't know that I always start a post with the introduction of the topic.. keke
it's just because I watched two animes today.. one is recommended by my Indonesian friend : "Kamisama Hajimemashita" which means "god, it's started".. err.. maybe.. kekeke.. my Japanese is not good enough.. sorry 😛 and other one is recommended by my lab member : "Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo" which in my understanding means "Sakurasou's Girl Pet".. (Sakurasou is a name of place in this anime)

the second one is.. euuummm.. rather ecchi :3 but the core of the story is good in my opinion : it's about realizing ourselves.. where should we belong to.. ^^ the story is about a boy who lives in a Loony Bin of his school which has many weird residents.. but they are particularly genius in their own.. one is mangaka (one who draws manga), one is scriptwriter, and one is someone who could make anime.. but the main character doesn't have anything (in his mind) special about him.. *I just started to watch it, and until now, I realized that he is a very kind boy*

one thing comes to mind when I watch that anime is : manga (and also anime) is always so detail.. they detailed all of their characters with their own unique personality.. and each personality is too strong that you will always get them popped out in your mind when you see related character

for instance, in this anime (sorry, it's a little bit spoiler)
Sorata Kanda : the main character of this anime. He’s 2nd year of regular division in one Art High School. He came to Tokyo from Fukuoka and live in the dormitory. But he was thrown to the Loony Bin because he wanted to take care an abandoned cat. He thought that he doesn’t have anything special and the life is just straight for him, until he met Shiina Mashiro.
Shiina Mashiro : protagonist female character. She came from England and she is a relative to one of the teacher who also live in that Loony Bin. She’s very “white”. Seems like has no normal consciousness, just know about drawing manga. Even she doesn’t hesitate to naked or eat a cake in convenient store without paying. But behind that, she is a genius that had made name in painting world. Even she had her own world art exhibition.
Nanami Aoyama : classmate of Sorata. Seems to like Sorata but has no brave to tell. She came from not wealthy family. She always does part time job (arubaito) for her living. She is a hard worker.
Misaki Kamiigusa : 3rd year in Art Division in the school. She is genius in making anime. She always love Jin, but her love never been accepted. Always try to make Jin hers but fail. Even she doesn’t hesitate to do pervert things.
Jin Mitaka : a handsome guy who also playboy. He can make women fall into him then do pervert things. But he always reject if Misaki is the one who does the pervert thing. In my mind, he actually loves Misaki

see? in the brief description about them (from my point of view), the personality of each character is clear and unique
that makes me think :

manga (and anime) is good not only because of it’s beautiful drawing, but also a strong impression of each of the character

this anime is just a sample of many famous anime (and manga).. if you know Naruto, you also know that each of the character has very unique personality and way of thinking
maybe it’s also the cause of why do the Indonesian cartoon or novels are not too famous.. they are little bit lack of detailed and unique personality of the characters

the conclusion of this post is :

if you make anything.. anything.. make sure that you don’t left the detail behind.. little thing.. little detail.. could make huge different..

that’s all for today.. kekeke
sorry no long post ^^



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