Japan, Samurai Spirit Behind Sophisticated Technology

I read my friend’s blog and I wonder how if I post a same thing too? ㅋㅋㅋ
So actually, this is my Topics on Japan 1 Final Report in theme “Japan’s Strength and Weakness”
Here we go

In my opinion, strength and weakness of Japan can be summarized in one factor : the pride of their nation. This pride could be the really strong strength for Japan to face and be the top of the world, but this also can sink Japan to the deep of destruction if they don’t know how to control it.
Based on my reading, Japan is one of the country which has only one race in general. They had been united as whole Japan since long time ago. They had relatively-stable government system and unique customized life style. Their old vision-of-strong-country is their neighbor, China. They had felt comfortable with their life, believed that they need no outsider help because they could fulfill their needs by themselves, until the day western countries came.
Western country that first came to Japan was the Portuguese in 1543 with their “Black Ship”. This arrival of Portuguese made their eyes opened. China was beaten by Portuguese and it made Japan shock. They realized that outside their world, there are many other better technologies than they had known. Then, they started to mimic the new technologies from western country by learn it. Step by step, Japanese people way of understanding and vision of the future changed, but still, they had one proud of themselves. They believed after learning new things, they could develop it by themselves and fulfill their needs. And it’s true, Japan now becomes one of frontier in technology.
In my opinion, the bond between Japanese people because of their pride of their nation is very strong. They still do their old customs and keep the inherited culture even they had developed many new cutting edge technologies. Some of the customs which I notice still living inside Japanese people are manner and way of life. Japanese manner, although many people said that it starts to disappear among youths, especially in the big city, is one reason that Japanese people still believe and respect each other. Simple way of life including ofuro and farming life are not adjusted to the new technology : new technology is developed by reference of old customs. These condition makes Japan is nearly invulnerable to cultural attack from outside Japan. This is one of strength of Japan that I always think as “Samurai Spirit”, a spirit to be independence by their own way but still could be the leader of community.
But, beyond of that, in my perspective, this pride could harm Japan because of globalization era. Furthermore, Japan’s “aging population” make it worse. Nowadays, global world open their market and decrease boundaries between country for trading, including human resources trading. If Japan is still convinced to keep their pride exaggeratedly by not cooperating to other countries, especially for the human resource, Japan will lost their momentum to expand their life as one of world frontier in technology. Fortunately, it seems Japan government knows this issue and start to make a move. Nowadays, I see English course becomes more popular and many foreigners are accepted as researchers or workers. I don’t know why or and why should English become one of the most important language in the world. I myself was so impressed that Japanese people still tend to defend their Japanese when Indonesian people are now proud if they could speak English. But still, for now, learning English as a “weapon” to face globalization is important. I found something interesting about this English learning, the differences between Japanese and Indonesian. Here, at Japan, people are proud with their works, their product, and their customs, as well as their language. So everything here are in Japanese, including new technologies like smartphone, laptops, and even games. But back to Indonesia, since we still can not produce best things by ourselves and import many new technologies, we have no option than learning English to use new technologies, and again, including games. Japanese kids are playing games in Japanese, while Indonesian kids won’t found games in Indonesian, so that they have to learn English to play. This rule also applies to smartphones and laptops. This simple thing made rather big differences between learning English as Japanese and Indonesian. Japanese learn English mostly by course, whether in school or special courses, but Indonesian learn it by habit, since as I said before, we have no option than learning English to use technologies for our life.
One more effect of the exaggerated pride of nation in my opinion is lack of human power. This refers to productive-age people. The nowadays trend in Japan is success career life. Whether men or women, they tend to life hard-successful-career-life that makes they don’t want to marry early. This maybe one of reason that causes Japanese “aging population”. If no more new productive-age people in Japan, their cutting edge technology and sophisticated research won’t work. One of the option to resolve this problem is making people from other countries to come as fresh human power to Japanese academic and industrial world. If the exaggerated pride of nation works, it could resist foreigner to help their community and leads to annihilation of sophisticated technology that had been struggled until this second.
My conclusion is, Japan’s “Samurai Spirit” is the most powerful strength that leads Japan to be able to stand by their feet and lead the world by courage to be the best, but still, Japan has to be open to the changing global world trend and keep the cooperation with other countries, especially in human resources.


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