The Big Trip (part 1 : Kanto)

hello again ^^
long time no post from me.. now I will tell you my story of The Big Trip that I’d done from 1 until 15 March
this post is mixed about my story and some tips that I got from the trip
so.. let’s get started

this Big Trip is my 15 consecutive days trip from Kanto (Tokyo and Yokohama only) – Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe only) – Seoul
I could not visit all the good places there.. due to some crisis or being late :3 but maybe this information can help you

part 1 is about Kanto region : Tokyo and Yokohama only
*again, this is mostly story about my trip so not all places I could visit

since I am a temporary residence here (actually my dorm is inside Yokohama City region, but my college is in the circle of Tokyo, and since I mostly go to Tokyo and only about 4 times went to Yokohama area, I assume, I am little bit more familiar with Tokyo), I don’t know about the accommodation for you.. so sorry..
but I heard lot of people search hostel (or even capsule hostel) near Asakusa..
the price range is about 1,500 to 3,000 JPY per night

the advantages of being accommodated in Asakusa are :
1. it’s relatively near to Haneda and Narita Airport
access from Haneda is by using Keikyu Airport line to Keikyukamata Station, then change to Keikyu Main Line towards Inbanihonidai until Sengakuji Station, lastly, board Toei Asakusa Subway to Asakusa Station (about 1 hour, 640 JPY)
access from Narita is by using Keisei Narita Sky Access to Asakusa Station (about 1 hour 15 minutes, 1,240 JPY)
2. the price for accommodation is relatively lower than in other places
3. one of the tourism place with its Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate
4. can see Tokyo Skytree from far behind Sumida River
5. one of place where you can find souvenirs easily (in the street from Kaminarimon Gate towards Sensoji Temple)

if you are from abroad and landed at Narita or Haneda, it’s good to you to buy Metro Line (Subway in Tokyo) 2 days pass with only 980 JPY
this pass could be used for two consecutive day inside Tokyo Metro Line Subways
if you buy one day ticket only (could be found in ticket machine at every Tokyo Metro Line Stations) it costs 710 JPY.. so it’s good to you for getting 2 days pass with only 980 JPY
more information about Tokyo Metro Line Pass could be found here and for the maps could be retrieved here
remember that this passes are only can be used within Tokyo Metro Line, not Toei Line.. be careful when riding the trains.. I think it’s better to you to ride consecutively transfer even it is going around and take more times but free than board Toei with additional fare

if you are foreigner and only going to Japan for some day trips, and you have credit card, and you have smartphone, and you think you would die if you can access internet.. here is some tips..
here in Japan, phone and SIM Card could not be retrieved freely.. you have to have a contract with one of the provider, and it needs more than 3 months visit to get the contract.. so basically (and legally) you could not have Japanese phone (or provider’s SIM) if you are only some days travel.. even for only buying a Pocket WiFi router..
but you CAN RENT a prepaid phone or Pocket WiFi at the AIRPORT ONLY
I don’t know the fares or how much you have to pay as a deposit.. but I think you have to have a credit card for it.. I’d never tried before.. sorry

Place to Visit
1. Tokyo Tower
of course.. this is the world famous red tower.. this is (or maybe was.. since now there is Skytree) the symbol of Tokyo.. this is located in Minato and nearest Metro Station is Kamiyacho (Hibiya Line access)
if you wish to see Tokyo from above this tower, you have to pay 680 JPY (adult).. it’s worth for me.. and you can retrieve Tokyo Tower Medallion at the observatory in a vending machine.. it’s 800 JPY each and 50 JPY for word crafting.. plus 200 JPY for the key chain or necklace holder

I suggest you to visit Tokyo Tower at the transition from noon to evening.. the lamp is best at that time
and if you want to have a photo with Tokyo Tower background, despite of going to Tokyo Tower, it’s better to you to have a photo from Sakura Doori (Sakura Street) near Keio University
the Metro Line Access is rather far from the photo spot, so I suggest you to go with Toei Line to Mita Station or JR Yamanote Line or JR Keihin Tohoku Line to Tamachi Station.. from those two station, the photo spot is just about 5 minutes walking.. and the result of photo could be like this

from front of Keio University, about 5 PM in spring

from front of Keio University, about 5 PM in spring

2. Odaiba
this island has many beautiful building and photo spots.. and it has 1:1 scale Gundam Mobile Suite
if you know Digimon, you could see Fuji TV building here (building with ball in the middle)
this place has big mall called Aqua City, mini version of Statue of Liberty, rainbow bridge, and Tokyo Tower from far..
here are some photos

1:1 Gundam Mobile Suite in front of Diver City Mall

1:1 Gundam Mobile Suite in front of Diver City Mall

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

access to Odaiba are
1. Yurikamome Line from Shinbashi (Tokyo Waterfront Station).. better if get off at Daiba Station, 310 JPY from Shinbashi.. near to Aqua City, Statue of Liberty, Fuji TV building, and view of Rainbow Bridge
2. Rinkai Line from Oimachi.. get off at Tokyo Teleport Station, 260 JPY from Oimachi.. near to Diver City Mall (where the Gundam lies), Palette Town, and Ferrish Wheel..

Yurikamome Line is higher in price but nicer.. if you want a sea view and riding a train in rainbow bridge, use it.. the train is different with another train.. if you ever ride train to Sentosa Island (Singapore) you will find experience like that..
since all Japanese train is ‘in and out station based’, if you have time, you can use the Yurikamome line as far as you want (but still inside the station) then you could see more view.. then go out at Daiba Station

3. Imperial Palace
this is the palace of Japanese Emperor.. you can visit this palace with reservation from some days before visit.. it’s free.. you can book here
please read the rule there
the famous photo spot here is Nijuubashi (bridge 20) or Meganebashi (spectacles bridge)

access here is by (by nearest to farthest) :
1. Nijuubashimae Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
2. Hibiya Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya or Chiyoda Line)
3. Otemachi Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda, Hanzomon, Marunouchi, or Tozai Line)
4. Sakuradamon Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
5. Hanzomon Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line)
6. Nagatacho Station (Tokyo Metro Namboku, Hanzomon, or Yurakucho Line)

4. Shibuya and Harajuku
you must know these two places.. it’s famous after all
Shibuya is (as my point a view) most crowded area in Tokyo.. especially its crossing road (I even heard that it’s the most crowded crossroad in the world)
here, you can find the famous Hachiko Statue in Hachiko Square (exit 8 of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) just the entrance of that crossroad
Shibuya is best place to shopping according to me (since I am student.. not much money in my pocket) compared to Ginza or Roppongi (which are mostly branded goods)

if you like Gunpla (Mobile Suite Gundam figurine), Tokyu Hands Shibuya is best place you could find it.. this is the place where it’s sold cheapest (about 900-1,500 JPY for the self-make-plastic-type).. if you buy it from Gundam Front in Odaiba, it could cost more than 2,000 JPY
Gunpla could be found at 7th floor, hobbies section

if you like to shop clothes.. especially unique one, Harajuku is the place
you can go to Harajuku from Shibuya by Fukutoshin Line (1 stop, Meijijingumae Station) or JR Yamanote Line (towards Shinjuku, 1 stop, Harajuku Station)
if you go there on Sat or Sun, you can (probably) find that famous cosplay (or at least unique clothing) guys

go deep to the Harajuku Street.. you probably can find discounted goods like I found (watch from 5,000 JPY became 777 JPY only)

Hachiko Statue at Hachiko Square

Hachiko Statue at Hachiko Square

5. Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa
I had explained about Asakusa before.. especially if you choose your hostel in Asakusa, this place might be your ‘territory’ after a while..
about Skytree, this 634 m building is actually a TV building.. here is also some shops at the bottom of the tower.. and in that shops, you can find medallion of Tokyo Skytree
you could also find the Aquarium there
to go to bottom observatory deck, you had to pay 2,000 JPY and wait about 2 or 3 hours before you can enter (you have to grab queue ticket outside.. then it will tell what time you can enter the tower)
and if you want to go further up.. you will need additional 1,000 JPY
access to here is Oshiage Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Keisei Lines, Tobu Skytree Line, and Toei Asakusa Line)
Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa

Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

I had rode both Tokyo Tower and Skytree.. for me, it was just same experience.. so from my opinion, you’d better to go to Tokyo Tower for riding and Skytree only for the photo spot..
but if you want to ride, it’s a good experience though..

6. Tokyo Disney Resort
Disney Land.. and Disney Sea..
I just have ever gone to Disney Sea though.. so, sorry for no information about Disney Land
you can enter both Disney Sea and Disney Land or only one of them.. one day passport is 6,200 JPY.. all about this Theme Park related information could be find here
I would not explain about the attraction or anything else but some photos and tips

View from gondola to Mount Prometheus

View from gondola to Mount Prometheus

Disney Sea Firework

Disney Sea Firework

Disney Resort Souvenir

Disney Resort Souvenir

Access to Disney Resort is by Maihama Station (JR Keiyo Line, from Shin Kiba or Tokyo Station)
gate will be opened at 9, but the queue starts even from 6 a.m.
I suggest you to buy ticket before (online or from Disney Store.. Disney Store could be found in Shibuya too)
if you have student card, you can take 4,900 JPY one day passport
the unique system of this theme park is Fast Pass.. this pass is actually some kind of queue-ing system that make you can ride another attraction while wait for your desired one.. this Fast Pass is available for some attraction (especially the famous and thrilling one).. you can get Fast Pass by scan your Disney Passport in a machine, then you will get a ticket containing information about time that you can get Fast Pass access.. with Fast Pass access, you don’t have to queue with others, you have designated way and faster to ride
some attraction’s Fast Pass sold quickly (that’s why I suggest you to come early) even only to get the Fast Pass, you probably have to queue too..
for me, when I want to enter Journey to the Center of The Earth attraction, I had to queue for 140 mins!!! (even I noticed at one time, the queue time is 210 mins.. that,s 3 and a half hours!!) because I couldn’t get the Fast Pass for that attraction
so, run for your life!!.. I mean.. run as fast as you can when entering the park, get the Fast Pass from the most desired one, then wait the Fast Pass time by checking another attraction
if you want to buy souvenirs, buy at Bon Voyage near Maihama Station

fiuhh.. what a long story.. even these are only very few of Tokyo’s tourism objects.. as I said before, I couldn’t cover all.. for other information about Tokyo Trip, you can refer here
now I will tell you about the dining near Tokyo

1. Sushi
if you hear “food” plus “Japan”, probably your first thinking is sushi..
this famous raw-fish-with-rice-dish is actually could find at most everywhere in Japan.. by rumors, the most delicious one is in Sapporo, Hokkaido.. but the plane ticket to there is too damn expensive..
I know two good (and cheap) sushi near Tokyo.. I recommend you to try

a. Shibuya
the exact location is shown below

this sushi restaurant is all-120 JPY.. (except some special one).. I think it is the best restaurant I had found till now.. cheap, and delicious

b. Kura Sushi Tama Plaza
I know this place because it’s near my dorm (Aobadai).. I am sure that there are some kura sushi nearer to Tokyo.. but if you want refer here, the place is shown below

this sushi restaurant is even more cheaper than before.. only 105 JPY a plate

2. Veggie Ramen
if you can’t eat pork, but you want to eat this famous noodle dish from Japan, here is one of the option that you could do : vegetarian ramen
this ramen contains no dairy product at all (even eggs or milk), all made of plants.. it has chicken replica, but made of soybean
the location is at Keiyo Street inside JR Tokyo Station
no need to go out from the station, just follow the path that leads to Keiyo Line.. there will be Keiyo Street (with green banner).. you could find many shops, especially food-souvenir shop (including the famous Tokyo Banana).. just near the end of the Keiyo Street, you will find T’s Ramen shop.. the price is about 700-900 JPY for a normal (but it’s quite big.. even I that eat much is satisfied by the portion) portion or you can add 100 JPY for big portion.. I recommend Shoyu Ramen.. that’s the best one

3. Tendon (Tenpura Don)
fried (usually shrimp or seafood) dish with special flour and rice below it.. it’s also can be found anywhere (especially at Asakusa.. there are a lot)
but the one I know best is at Mizonokuchi.. again, it’s because near my house
the exact location is here

there are three major type of tenpura here : miso, normal, and soba (noodle)
I prefer miso tendon..
the price is about 690-990 JPY

4. Indian Curry
I know three good Indian Curry restaurant.. and since I am a Muslim, they are halal certified..

a. Ninin ga yon (2 X 2 = 8) in Shimokitazawa

this restaurant is tabehodai (all you can eat)
with only 980 JPY and one drink (350 JPY.. I suggest mango lassi!) you can eat as much as you want.. the taste is normal.. not the best.. but it’s worth to try since.. yea.. all you can eat

b. Ishikawadai

this is because it’s near to my University.. the ebi pilaf is very good!
price : curry 700-1,000 JPY, nan 400-600 JPY, pilaf 700-900 JPY

c. Shinjuku

the price of curry starts from 500 to 900 JPY.. the briani (fried rice) is very good and about 900-1,000 JPY

5. Halal?
if you are Muslim, maybe you are afraid to try some of the food outside your home country because they have no halal certification.. but if you want to find halal certified (according to the internet based site) foods, you can try these restaurants :

a. Saizeriya
this restaurant has seafood only menu (including pasta and pizza).. and the beef (for the hamburg steak) is Aussie Beef that is halal certified..
price about 399 JPY to 699 JPY

b. Yoshinoya and Sukiya
these two gyuudon (beef rice bowl) restaurants also using Aussie Beef

c. Gasto (γ‚¬γ‚Ήγƒˆ)
seafood menu here can be eaten

not much information about Yokohama.. even my dorm is actually still Yokohama-shi.. but it’s quite far to there.. as far as I go to Shibuya..
if you want to explore parks and bay, Yokohama is the best
you can buy one day pass (for JR inside Yokohama area and Minatomirai Line) for 500 JPY

1. Minatomirai Park
this theme park has ferrish wheel, little coaster, and some attraction
one attraction costs about 400-700 JPY
access : Minatomirai Station (Minatomirai Line)

2. Motomachi Chuukagai
this China Town provides you three types of view :
a. China Town
just around the Motomachi Chuukagai Station is China Town with its traditional Chinese building, Chinese foods, and even the shrine

Chinese Shrine in China Town of Motomachi Chuukagai

Chinese Shrine in China Town of Motomachi Chuukagai

b. Yamashita Park and Minatonomieruoka Park
Yamashita Park is near the bay.. it has ship and view of Yokohama Bridge
Minatonomieruoka Park is a hill with quiet park.. very enjoyable for picnic

Ship at Yamashita Park

Ship at Yamashita Park

Minatomieruoka Park

Minatomieruoka Park

c. Yokohama Marine Tower
a tower in Yokohama.. I don’t know whether it can be rode or not

Yokohama Marine Tower

Yokohama Marine Tower

fuuhhh.. that’s all for now..
sorry not much information.. especially for the Yokohama Area
see you in next part of The Big Trip : Kansai and Seoul
thanks for reading ^^
hope it could help for your travel to Tokyo and Yokohama


7 thoughts on “The Big Trip (part 1 : Kanto)

  1. Halo.
    Foto Tokyo Tower di Sakura Dori-nya bagus deh. Bisa minta ancer-ancer ke spot itu kalo dari Zojoji Temple?
    Thanks ya. Info makanan halal-nya juga bermanfaat

  2. hi, i’m from yo know any halal restaurant around hiroshima, hitachi seaside hillpark and around fujikyu highland. not necessarily halal restaurant but halal food. tq in advance.

    • I am sorry that I can’t help you with this since I haven’t been there by myself.. but I am quite sure that in Hiroshima there are some halal restaurant since many Moslems live there
      good luck for your trip.. πŸ™‚

  3. Haloo, postnya lengkap sekali, mantapp!! haha
    saya mau tanya rute dari shinjuku ke disney sea.
    kalau pake metro harus ke shin-kiba terus pakai JR lagi ya? (hyperdia– source)
    kira2 perlu pake day pass ga ya?
    beda toei sama tokyo metro apa ya? rute apa yang lebih banyak?
    terima kasih

    • kalo ke Disneyland, biasanya seharian.. dan saya sarankan udah nyampe di sana sebelum jam 8 biar antrinya nggak parah.. jadi kalo make one day pass nya metro rugi πŸ˜€
      duh.. udah gak di sono jadi agak lupa πŸ˜› tp seinget saya, satu2nya akses ke Maihama Sta cuma JR Keio.. nggak ada metro.. jadi mau ke Shin-Kiba ato ke Tokyo Sta dulu tetep harus pake JR Keio
      Toei dan Metro itu kayak Indosat sama Telkomsel deh :v jadi beda provider gitu.. kalo transfer kereta di dalam satu station bakal perlu pake acara keluar station (ngelewatin gerbang karcis).. kalo sesama Metro ato sesama Toei, transfer kereta dalam satu station ga pake lewat gerbang dulu.. udah ada jalur dan tangganya di dalem station (kecuali tempat2 tertentu macam Kudanshita)
      rutenya banyakan Metro.. cuma Toei banyak yang lewat tengah kota.. jadi kadang kalo kita milih transfer Metro-Toei (yang jelas muahal soalnya satu kali naik bisa 200 an.. transfer berarti minimal 400 yen) waktunya bisa jauh lebih cepet (bisa selisih 10-30 menit) dibandingkan kalo milih muter jauh tapi tetep pake Metro aja
      saya sebagai mahasiswa sih biasanya milih muter kalo punya one-day pass nya metro πŸ˜€
      saran, ada peta chikatetsu di information di stasiun.. ambil aja πŸ˜€
      semoga perjalanannya menyenangkan ^^

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