New Items : Viruses

so, this time I will post Ingress info in English 🙂

you might have known the most recent items these days (May 2013) : the alignment viruses
so, in this post I will share anything that I know about these viruses.. if there is an update for the information, I will replace wrong information to the newest one

There are two kinds of alignment viruses :

Jarvis Virus

Jarvis Virus

Jarvis Virus

This virus is developed by Dr. Roland Jarvis for the sake of Enlightened agents to help Shaper spread its influence

ADA Refactor

ADA Refactor

ADA Refactor

This virus is developed by ADA for Resistance agents to counter the Shaper-friendly virus


what do they do?
these items are very unique and powerful weapon although the cost is very high
they can flip the alignment of one portal
Jarvis virus changes blue portal to green portal
ADA refactor changes green portal to blue portal

who can use them?
all agents from all level could use both kind of viruses regardless their faction
it means
Enlightened agents can use ADA refactor to flip green portal to blue portal
Resistance agents can use Jarvis virus to flip blue portal to green portal

how to use them?
the viruses are considered as ‘Weapon’.. same category as Xmp Bursters
1. make sure the portal that you want to flip is in your range
2. select virus from inventory
3. ‘use’
4. select portal that you want to be injected by virus
5. confirm
6. wait and.. voila

how much does it cost?
as I said before, no player restriction to use both viruses as long as they have the viruses
but, the cost of the viruses to use could be a burden to loLVL players
Virus costs = Level_Target_Portal*1000 XM
as you can see there, for L6+, possibility of flipping portal is unlimited since they have 8000 XMs in their bar (flipping L8 portal = 8*1000 = 8000 XMs is possible)
but for loLVL players, they should think of their XMs availability before using any virus

What will happen to portal which infected by virus?
1. the alignment of portal will be flipped (depends on the virus you use)

2. the owner will be changed, portal, resonators, and shields with these condition :

a. if you use your faction virus to enemy portal, the owner of portal, all resonators, and all shields is you
this means, your maximum resonator count will be applied here : if there is one L7 resonator in that portal, you can not deploy other L7 resonator after you flip the portal
this also means, you can remove all the shields
maximum resonator count doesn’t apply to resonators that are flipped : if you flip L8 portal, all L8 resonators will be named of you
this is the example of my experiment :

all L8 resonators are mine

all L8 resonators are mine

b. if you flip your faction portal, the owner of portal, all resonators, and all shields is ADA or Jarvis (depends on the virus you use)

3. all links and fields will be destroyed

4. no AP gain from flipping, destroying links, and fields

Where to find?
before today (31 May 2013), the only way is from passcodes
but since today, it will be dropped by portals in 0.1% chance
so keep your eyes open

it only gives you 100 XM by recycle.. beware!!

1. be a hiLVL first before using any virus.. this make you be able to flip hiLVL portals.. they won’t help you level up since they don’t give any AP
2. use them very carefully.. since it’s very rare.. and pay attention to the Recycle button!!!
3. choose L6+ portals to flip.. better if L7+.. best is L8 😉 of course.. because you can’t make them alone

there is a trick to use the virus to make hiLVL (L8) portal with less agents
since the owner of resonators in flipped portal is the one that use virus (or ADA or Jarvis), by deploying L8 resonators while flipping the portal back and forth (faction – enemy – faction – etc), L8 portal could be made by even one L8 player and one L5+ player (need for flipping L7 portal with 8888888*, L7 = 7000 XMs = L5 player’s max-XM)
but of course, this method will costs a lot of viruses (depends on how many L8) and huge amount of XMs

here is the youtube link from my operation of using Jarvis Virus to L8 Resistance portal
it might be the first L8 portal with single name in the world ^^

that’s all for now

happy hacking ^^


2 thoughts on “New Items : Viruses

    • 1 player L8, 1 player min L6
      steps :
      1. make portal with 81111111 by L8 player
      2. second player flip back and forth with ADA and Jarvis
      3. portal will be 81111111 with all resonators are named by second player
      4. L8 player upgrade portal to 88111111
      5. repeat flip back and forth and upgrade until all resonators are 88888888

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