5 New Mods : what we (think) we know

here is the summary of some data based on my own experiments and another people posts
thank you for everyone that had tried the new mods to get data
I will use these abbreviation to make it simpler
Heat Sink = HS
Multi-Hack = MH
Force Amp = FA
Link Amp = LA
Turret = TR

Update Change log
10 July 2013 : fix new hypothesis formula for heat sink
11 July 2013 : fix new more reliable formula for heat sink and multi-hack *credit to sorgo, Robin, and QVinto

Common Properties
1. Availability
same as shields, there are 3 classes of new mods : common, rare, and very rare
but until now, only HS and MH had been confirmed to have this rarity properties
other than HS and MH, all still have rare properties

2. Recycle
common = 40XM
rare = 80XM
very rare = 120XM edited : 100 XM

3. XM Deployment Cost
common = 400XM (tried to HS)
rare = 800XM (tried to TR and FA)
very rare = 1000XM (?? same with shields properties?) *confirmed


heat sink

heat sink

heat sink decreases the cool-down time for each hacks
common = -20%
rare = -40% edited : -50%
very rare = -60%(??) edited : -80% (??) edited : -70%
the calculation is based on last value so :
1st Common : -20% > 80% = 4 mins cool-down
2nd Common : -20%-20%*80%(last value) > 64% = 3.12 mins cool-down

New (Hypothesis) Formula for Heat Sink
Deployment of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mods will decrease less rare mod
the less rare mod parameter will be halved starts from 2nd deployment
example :
HS(C) + HS(C) : 20+8% = 28% = 1-(1-0.2)*(1-0.2/2)
HS(C) + HS(C) + HS(C) : 28+7.2% = 35.2% = 1-(1-0.2)*(1-0.2/2)*(1-0.2/2)

HS(C) + HS(R) : 20+35% = 55% = 1-(1-0.2/2)*(1-0.5)
HS(R) + HS(C) : 50+5% = 55% = 1-(1-0.5)*(1-0.2/2)

for further information or example, please go to
(thanks sorgo)

update : heat-sink not only reduces cool-down, but also burnout time confirmed : heat sink only decrease of cool-down, burn out time is not affected




multi-hack increases the cap of hacks by a player before burned out
common = +4 hacks
rare = +8 hacks
very rare = +12 hacks(??) *confirmed
example :
you deploy 1 common, so you can hack it 4(normal)+4(multi-hack) = 8 hacks before you burn out the portal
2nd deployment will reduce less rare mod
it also use formula [1 0.5 0.5 0.5] like HS
example :
MH(C) + MH(R) = 10 = 4/2 + 8
MH(R) + MH(C) = 10 = 8 + 4/2
MH(R) + MH(R) = 12 = 8 + 8/2
MH(VR) + MH(C) = 14 = 12 + 4/2
MH(VR) + MH(R) = 16 = 12 + 8/2
for further information or example, please go to
(thanks sorgo)

there is also report that an agent deploy the mod after he burn out the portal and he got additional hacks from the mod
update : based on report, please notice that MH is per player.. so we can not refresh (remove then deploy new one) by ourself to get additional hack.. we have to add another new one to get additional hack.. the effect of another player placement is still unknown

Force Amp

force amp

force amp

force amp increases the force of portal attack
update : notice that portal attack is not only when you fire Xmp to the portal, but also when you hack the portal
rare :
1st = +2x
2nd = +0.5x > 2.5x
3rd = +0.25x > 2.75x ~ 2.8x
4th = +0.125x > 2.875x ~ 3.0x
example :
L6 portal without FA : base damage = 400 XM
with FA : base damage*2 = 800 XM

Link Amp

link amp

link amp

link amp increases the maximum range of portal link
rare :
base range = X
1st : +X > 2X
2nd : +X/2 > 2.5X
3rd : +X/4 > 2.75X
4th : +X/8 > 2.825X ~ 3X




turret increases frequency of portal attack
it buffs 2 status :
a. frequency
b. hit bonus
rare : linearly add 2x frequency and 0.2% hit bonus
experiment result and hypothesis :
a. it seems that hit bonus is related to the frequency increment so that the portal won’t always attack two times
b. I tried with my friend, whem he fires one XMP and still get base damage, but when he fires 3 consecutive XMP, logs was : base_damage, base_damage, 2*base_damage

confirmation of some cases are in the comment section
I am sorry that I can not take them all to the main body but please see comment section for the some special cases

again, this is not mine, but us
data will get better if there is more feedback
thank you for all feedback that had been given
that’s all for now
thank you

experiments links :
force amp : https://plus.google.com/102566933418982112950/posts/8Eirjo3WwVb
turret and force amp damage : https://plus.google.com/102566933418982112950/posts/JtYoasEWmcJ
turret and force amp : https://plus.google.com/102566933418982112950/posts/MV1vdVnPoja
heat sink : https://plus.google.com/102566933418982112950/posts/DDD4T5Zdiap
new heat sink and multi-hack :
(mine) https://plus.google.com/102566933418982112950/posts/HBfSQW95Bnp
(Robin) https://plus.google.com/102271631180353383928/posts/U5Fp44t2UcP
(QVinto) https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107917688018975026970/albums/5899254812123440449

source credits : Justin Peeples, San Francisco comm via Budi Waskita, Petr Synex, Alex Fung, sorgo, Robin Hanke, QVinto
update credits : @Telek, @Better Sergio, Ervin Sue, r00teniy, rahmaut, pav, highwindkun, rmettier, F1end, LRdM, gvirta, zurchpet, Paul B, sovick321, screwyluie, sorgo
thank you


53 thoughts on “5 New Mods : what we (think) we know

  1. From what we’re seen:
    – same deployment cost as shields
    – heatsink is -20/-50/?-80?
    – link/force amp multipliers are the same (+100, +50, +37.5, +25)
    – very rare multihack is indeed +12

  2. Is there a limit to number of Heat sinks?
    If not and the very rare does work out to be -80% that could get insane.
    First mod, brings cooldown to 60sec.
    Second to 12 sec
    Third to 2.4 sec
    If it also applies to burnout
    1st – 48 mins
    2nd – 9.6 min
    3rd – 1.92 min
    4th – 38 sec burnout time.

    Surely they must have depreciating returns built in to counter a solo portal non stop farm.

    • I had tried the Rare Heat Sink with status 50% it really only needs 2.5 mins to hack
      I am not sure about burnout.. I still get the info from other people
      now I am doing my experiment
      please wait
      but if yes it can make 38 sec.. that’s awesome

    • I have 1 Heatsink on a portal and it takes 240 seconds for cooldown (shows Hack Speed +50% in the scanner)

      • scanner only respond to 300, 240, 120, 60, 30, 20, 10, and 5 seconds and it is rounded.. so actually we have to wait 50%*5 mins = 250 seconds
        so if it is rounded, it will become 240 seconds in the scanner
        I had tried by using my stop watch, and it exactly 250 seconds
        thank you

      • aakk.. sorry >.<
        I mean 2.5 mins = 150s
        maybe the calculation in the scanner is rounded up so before 120 it will tells 240
        but you can feel that it tells 120 seconds before 2 minutes (2 mins right? :P) really elapsed
        thanks for the correction

      • No worries 🙂 Is there any chance you deployed a common type for 20% then? 🙂 that would be 240 seconds

      • You are completely right, thanks. Right after the first hack, it shows 240 seconds, but after 30 seconds it drops to 120.

    • So at 70% as confirmed.
      1st – 90sec
      2nd – 27sec
      3rd – 8.1sec
      4th – 2.43sec

      1st – 72 min
      2nd – 21.6 min
      3rd – 6.48 min
      4th – 1.9 min

      Obviously this is only if it turns out that burnout is affected and the heat sinks stack without diminsihing returns.
      I wouldn’t be suprised if there was some complex formula if multiple HS are allowed.

      Of course they may just allow the xm cost of hacks act as a limit. Even if you CAN hack a portal and have its burnout reset in 1.9 mins, you’ll be out of XM in a few mins.

  3. Allegedly a portal with vr 2 hs and 2 mh would give 28 hacks in under 6 mins, 12 sec cooldown, and burnout reset of 9 minutes… Are these calculation correct? I am still asleep….

  4. Pingback: Использование новых модов
    • correction: it adds the mod’s bonus hacks to the current burnout. In my instance I deployed a common MH on a burned-out portal and got 4 more hacks after burnout.

  5. 1x common HS takes 20%
    2x common HS take 36%
    3x common HS take 48.8% (tested)
    4x common HS take 59.04% (in theory)

    Each percentage is 20% of the current one, so each time you add another sheild the time value decreases

  6. Heatsink info seems to be being switched back and forth, effect on burnout time was confirmed here I thought, and have seen it confirmed elsewhere, now you have an update that it does not change burnout time? I think that may be a more critical thing to figure out for many people, since a 70% reduction means a second burnout in under an hour, and stacking them would get crazy

    • it is
      I am sorry for that
      but what I wrote here is based on my own experiment, so I will use mine since the first person data for me is the most trusty one
      but I am also still curious about this and want to try another experiment to make a reliable one
      you can use this information or other information, or maybe if you have your own, you can try by yourself and get the very right answer
      there is no more reliable truth than our own eyes observation ^^
      if you can try and willingly report here, it will very useful for us
      thank you

  7. I can confirm that after a portal is burnt out, if you add a multi hack, you get more hacks. the hacks are per account and are not tied to the MH. Meaning you can’t replace a burnt out MH with a fresh one to get more hacks, you have to add an additional one to get more hacks.

  8. VR heat sinks have changed and don’t cool as much as a day or two ago. Previously 2VRs, and 30s to next hack (consistent with 70%), this morning same portal was asking for a 60s cool down.

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