my other half : catalystro

cheers ^^
it’s been two weeks since my last login.. I’m getting worried about me.. welcome back!!

if you are an Ingress Player, you should know what I am talking about 😛

in this post, I will tell my story about my other half
the other me who lives in depth of Ingress World
why I consider catalystro is my other half? because in this world, everyone knows me as Dimas Ramadhan Abdillah Fikri.. a fat ball who rolls along the way.. sometimes mess up with foods and lab works.. or just trolling around and makes silly things
but beyond that, I live in other world.. not real world.. a game world called Ingress.. as a strategist, lab-centric, and virus user named catalystro
I tell this story because I will leave my other half birth place : Tokyo soon.. T^T.. this story is mostly about my experience and my respect words to all my friends who had fought together and raised me here..

how did I become catalystro?
so this is my story

start by blog-walking to my friend’s blog : h2cx, and saw post about this augmented reality game
his description about the game made me interested to the game
I am actually a gamer.. but just a normal gamer, not a freak gamer who will spend many hours inside a game
I played RPG games such as FF and Tales before.. I like RPG because it has a story
and this game is just beyond that
in RPG, the story is about the main character of the game.. how does he/she build his/her ability.. and in the end, he/she save the world from the bad boss
this game, however, has a story about YOU.. yep.. you.. because basically the main character that you are playing in this game is yourself
this makes me want to try this game.. I want to be a character in a game.. very much..
then I applied as a beta tester to Ingress site
in 2nd of April 2013, my invitation code came
I am little bit worried that time because this game is only can be played in Android device while I was subscribing iPhone on Japanese Softbank network
fortunately, Softbank had opened tethering mode from its iPhone 5.. and I subscribed that too.. so I tether my iPhone to the biggest Ingress Scanner that could possibly use : Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.. LOL.. can you imagine playing ingress in 10.1 inch tablet 😛

since that day, i tried to understand the gameplay
hacking, deploying, firing busters, and levelling
firstly, i thought that this game is individual game
but yeah.. i was wrong.. this game is totally social game.. you won’t get more achievement of you play solo
so when I hit COMM and shouted : ‘hello.. new player here ^^ please take care of me’, there were two messages replied mine.. one is from first player that I met : hypercat, and one is from ‘most commenter on my G+’ 😛 syap5yoj ^^
I was so happy that I know I am not alone
that time, I had started to look at Intel map.. searching available playground near me..
i didn’t know how the AP works that time.. i just hacks and firing busters wildly without knowing that busters only work for enemy portals
then when I hit level 2, hypercat wanted to meet me
I met him at Ebisu.. he taught me many basics things including how to levelling fast with resonator defend
luckily, I also meet first other faction player that day : tagoh
he destroyed my portals with his L7 busters (while my resonators were only L2)
so i just ran to that portal and hit deploy as fast as i can.. until my resonators were drained.. lol
and I hit L3 that night.. thanks to tagoh ^^
I also met another green player that night : ShichuanRedPanda he gave me some keys for me to built fields
at that time, the nearest portal from my form is one station from my dorm station
I always went to that station first before going home
after getting L3, I had confidence to do my first attempt to retake portal.. stupid me, they were L5 portal made by L7 player who works near there.. I could retake one but when I tried to take the other down, I ran out of bursters before it was down.. then I had to walk 300 meters to reach nearest portal and prayed that it would give me some bursters.. then.. something happened :
the previous owner of portal attacked the portal that I just took.. so I ran, reach the portal and deployed manh resos as he fired all my resos away..
and that is.. the first time I met one of my bet ingress player friend, tdmkt.. I found him on his phone, and I greeted him.. then we talked (with my very poor Japanese) a little bit, exchange our emails, and made friend ^^.. thanks to him, I got my L4 because of my reso defend when he attacked.. 😛

day by day passed.. there was no day without playing ingress..
before going to campus, when commuting home, or when I found some interesting field to destroy
I joined high level farming for the first time when I was still 6
I met many hiLVL players there.. kirikaze, felice99, tomoya, nag, Athena9800, and SuperAja..

the first big operation for me was “The Green Day”
I was L7 at the moment.. I planned the event via G+ community and boom..
that day maybe was the first day many L8 portals are standing in Tokyo
we met in Azabujuban.. the most portal-condensed area that time.. then went to Shibuya to make it L8s
Shibuya was known as one of Resistance’s headquarter since many Resistance players live there
and that day, the most important portal for Tokyo Resistance : Hope-kun was transformed to be L8 portal for the first time.. by Enlightened players
that day I met Momongadget.. the very first female player that I met (and she was already 8!!), kuroneko007, are te, morirobo, 0zy, and hirotakes
we marched from Azabujuban to Shibuya.. laughed togehter, fight together..
that day I found that Ingress is not just a game.. it is also a very good social media
I was surprized how I got so many friends from this game.. and they are very kind

and at last, I made my 8 while accompanying my friend who came from Korea..
I got my 8 in Tokyo station.. so happy that time

I found that I like to do some experiment for new items
including when virus came out, I think I was the first player who made L8 portal in single name (with virus)
thanks to hiyoko145 who accompany me to try 4 L8 for one L8 portal (with ADA and Jarvis) experiment
and also my dear enemy, alexfcc who give me data for Force Amp and Turret damage calculation

event by event I passed with my Enlightened friends
Ueno farm.. Yasukuni Raid..
all were so much fun
and then The Cross-Faction Meet-up
my last official event in Tokyo

since that day, I barely play aggresively..
I only farm to get as many items as I can get
these item will be brought back to Bandung, Indonesia.. where my friend strugge hard to keep the city green

to all Tokyo players, thank you for all things that you had given to me
you are the best.. friends whom I want to meet again someday
people whom I think as my family here..
I will never forget you all

I will keep being catalystro in my country
with my new friends who also take my arm warmly
without forgetting all things that you, Tokyo players had taught me